Dreampunk is a player-driven tabletop roleplaying game about shaping and confronting a strange dreamworld, played using surreal art cards.

At night, you dream. Your dreams are not idle imaginings, but visits to a persistent world of wonders and dangers both personal and alien. Will you find power there? Will you find freedom? Or will you slowly slip into Entanglement, and be trapped there forever?

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The Dreampunk book with cards

The Game

Dreampunk is a tabletop roleplaying game for 2–6 players comprised of two parts: a rulebook and a deck of surreal art cards. Rather than the numerical randomness of dice, it uses these cards as both creativity prompts and a resource to power your special abilities.

Your character is a Dreamer, someone from a waking world who is drawn to the Dream when they sleep. As a Dreamer, you have powerful abilities to shape the world around you. To do so, you must play a card and incorporate into your action an element of your choice from the card.

Dreampunk can be played with or without a dedicated Guide. By default, the Guide player, rather than play a Dreamer, portrays the world of the Dream and its denizens. Alternately, you may instead distribute the Guide role among all the players, so everyone both plays a Dreamer and shares responsibility for the world. Either way, Dreampunk uses the cards to encourage an improvisational style for inspiring challenges and obstacles, avoiding the need for detailed planning or prewritten adventures.

Dreamers can be any type of character you can imagine, and they're defined primarily not by their powers or skills but by the Needs that have entangled them with the Dream. Nine different Dreamer playbooks are available, reflecting different reasons for entering the Dream. No matter your playbook, you are given wide room to creatively define your character, the world they come from, and their position in the Dream.

Special thanks to my 473 Kickstarter backers that made Dreampunk possible!

Some Dreampunk cards in play

The Cards

Dreampunk consists not only of a rulebook but also a unique deck of 78 tarot-sized cards that are central to the feel and dynamic of play. While Dreampunk can be played with other surreal art cards, this deck of cards has been carefully designed to have a variety of contrasting elements on each card, providing a wealth of possible interpretations and uses to players.

The Dreampunk deck includes art from thirteen amazing artists to really make your games unique.

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The Book

The game of Dreampunk is presented in a 92-page full-color 6.14" x 9.21" book, available as paperback, hardcover, or PDF. Check out a preview of the first portion of the book, and some example playbooks.

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The Deck

The Dreampunk deck consists of 78 full-color surreal art cards, available as either a physical deck or a digital deck for use on PlayingCards.io.

available on itch.io

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A Dreampunk playbook in play